Jennifer Southwell

TXLMT:MT044846 TXMTI0867 NPI:000494867

Jennifer has lived in North Texas all her life. After graduating high school in the early 1990s, she attended the University of North Texas and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1998. Shortly afterward, she decided to take a break and stay at home with her two young children. When they both were in elementary school, she decided to pursue a certification in massage therapy, something that she had been interested in for most of her life. 

Jennifer has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas since early 2006. Over the years she has taken many hours of continuing education courses and has been fascinated with and developed a love of the body’s fascia. Jennifer has taken classes and self-educated to learn many modalities that help address fascial restrictions. This toolset is what she brings to the table with her when she works with her clients.

In early 2022, Jennifer also studied and passed the Texas state exam, earning her Massage Therapist Instructor license.

Jennifer is a compassionate caregiver who takes the time for each client. She listens not just to hear what the client has to say, but to understand each client’s unique situation. She tries to connect to the client’s needs and offer tips for self-care outside of the treatment room.